Germany out of World Cup 2018!

By Jack Zenith

For the third successive tournament, the defending champion has been eliminated.

Italy 🇮🇹: 2006 world champion, 2010 group stage eliminated
Spain 🇪🇸: 2010 world champion, 2014 group stage eliminated
Germany 🇩🇪: 2014 world champion, 2018 group stage eliminated

Italy brought an aging squad to South Africa, they are always vulnerable. Spain did the same by relying on the players which won them 2 Euros & 1 World Cup. For me Germany is the worst. They came to Russia by being num 1 in the world ranking. They have a mixture of exciting young players and older players (but young enough) to at least get them past the group. Perhaps like what Danny Mills said, the Germans are arrogant and overconfident which brought to their demise.

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